About 'De grote trek van de stokstaartjes'

De grote trek van de stokstaartjes is a children's picture book about a family of slendertailed meerkats that are on the move in search for food. Finally the find a new place to live.


Written and illustrated by Berna Datema.


About 'Verrassing, verrassing!'

The family of meerkats now live their lives on the beach with Argus the chimpansee. There is food and beverage for everyone and the animals have a lot of fun. However... not everybody is  fully satisfied...



Written and illustrated by Berna Datema.

About: 'Weet jij wat het is?'

Little leopard Taco finds a thing in the forest He thinks it's beautiful and he tries to find out what that thing is for. He asks his friends who all know think they know the answer. Unfortunately they all have a different explanation. Will Taco ever find out the truth?


Book about potty-training.


Written and illustrated by berna Datema.

About: 'De magische nacht van Juffrouw V'


Written by Patricia de Landtsheer. Illustrations by Berna Datema.

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