Book illustrations and more

Even since I could hold a pencil I have been drawing. But my first children's book was published in 2000. I wrote and illustrated 3 picture books. And I illustrated for other authors like Patrica d' Landtsheer and Loes Masseree.

Now this is pretty long ago and it wasn't my intention then to stop, but I had a career in other businesses instead. Now I want to make a comeback. I did a few e-courses from Lilla Rogers and Zoe Tucker for children's books illustrating and also some courses from Domestika.

I realize that the world of picture books and the whole children's books market has changed a lot since my last books, but I love it even more now! I LOVE all the new possibilities and want to try out everything. So here is my portfolio. Be sure to come back often, because I'm going to change it frequently.

My book tree selfie
Little teenage girl
Lizzy and bird
Young froglets
Lizzy has had a lot of styles
When we went to see a doctor
Mom before I knew her.
Book cover
Characters froglets
Big frog
Froglets - emotions
Book cover - e-course by Zoe Tucker
Pet problems
Pet problems 2
Sloths from a book pitch
ICB plus
The magic bag
Emotions Sem - The road ahead
Sem on a bike
Sem looking at the road
Sketches to study the main character
A girly bee
Jut the duck
Bootcamp Lilla Rogers
I am Rita
Lizzy - poses
Lizzy - expressions
Children with bear
Lizzy poses other style
Pitch of a little girl
A day at the beach
Music box
Front cover
Sad crocodile Kai.
Miss Stork
Back picture of cover
Front cover ' Verrassing, verrassing!
Weet jij wat het is?
Back cover ' Verrassing, verrassing!'
Spread Verrassing, verrassing!
Argus, the chimp
The raft
De grote trek van de stokstaartjes


Selfie portraits and Art portraits

Portrait. I've always been intrigued by them. Of course I love looking at them in museums. And I must say, I have my favorites. Because of the fact that I also make prints like etching prints etc., I have always been under the impression of those from Rembrandt, but Dutch as I am, I also love the Van Gogh portraits. The intriguing Frida Kahlo I admired already for a long time, but - I am sure it's funny - the amount of imitations and copies from others makes I don't want to do that style for now. It makes sense to me that I started with my own head to make a serious attempt to make a portrait portfolio. But since a few courses at Domestika by Ana Santos and by Isadora Zeferino I try other things, styles, media and I am slowly starting to see what I really want.

First Project Selfie
Project Selfie
My book tree selfie
Self portrait with flowers
Project Selfie
Project Selfie
Project Selfie
Project Selfie
Project Selfie
Project Selfie
Modern Madonna
Art portrait 3
Project Selfie
Art portrait project
Art Portrait 5
Art Portrait 7
Art Portrait 8
Art Portrait 6
Art portrait 4
Art Portrait 1


I love to make my own stories. The local writers club and the SCBWI (Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators) are two of the organizations I joined to have fun with story writing and poetry. Another online group however was responsible for the start: de Nieuwe Vijftigers. We started a group in the time that writing online was not a natural way to do it. Facebook wasn't invented and even before there was Yahoo, we already wrote.
Now writing is fun to express yourself, but a text in magazines in combination with an editorial illustration to me it's so appealing that I loved to do it ever since it was included in one of the courses - Make Art That Sells Bootcamp from Lilla Rogers. Here are a few samples of what I made.

Father's Day
Sketches Editorial
Sketches Editorial 2
Another page for bootcamp
Back to Nature
Editorial End product
Portait of a suffragette
Map of my place of birth
Fun little art contest
A bootcamp project
Designer's retreat
Dutch girls gathering