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Bolt fabric and I (episode 3)

I am a writer. A storyteller. I think of new stories all the time. Developing new characters in my head and letting them do things, take jobs, get friends and families. Of course I want to write it all down, make great illustrations and add a wonderful book cover. But there are so many things I like besides writing down my stories, that I decided just a few weeks back, that it might be easier to tell my own stories, add the words to it, show the photo's and art work I made. I think I am finally convincing myself that this is the way to go: next to my digital scrapbooking I will start with Bolt fabric and Paintings with all kind of possibillities that I have learned from Lilla and of which some I didn't even know that they existed, like paperware and editiorial. I mean, that that were separate jobs. So now I have always believed in colors and cheerfulness and nice shapes and combinations, and I think that pattern designing is in all the diciplines we have explored during the course. So that's it: I will do bolt and I will do patterns as part of my life as an illustrator, scrapbook designer and painter.


Two Christmasses ago I designed a Christmas collection that was very different from the years before. It was primarily made in Illustrator and most of the (circus style papers were in full repeat). I decided that it was not only good for a Christmas collection, but would be also nice for cloths, cotton prints. Maybe for children's or baby's first Christmas. So I put a few styles on Spoonflower, tried them out by ordering a few samples. Here is what I made for them. My name and the name of the shop are a little different from usual, but it is really me: HERE

And here is the set of papers that I sell through Studio Berna...

(to be continued...)

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