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Since 21 October I am under the spell of something very different from all my other jobs: I work for the National Ballet in Amsterdam and my job is to work on the wonderful accessoirees and hats of the Nutcracker ballet.

I love this wonderful tale and I have visited the same ballet twice in the past years. If you ever ask yourself what to do when you spend some days in Amsterdam, this is far out preferrable compared to the famous other reasons you could have to visit our Dutch mainquarters.

The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky is a wonderful fairytale with beautiful music. When you combine that to fantastic dancers the great decors and the fantastic costumes, it's a dream come true visiting it.

In the past I have been dresser in the same theatre on a few occasions. Sometimes at the National Opera and once during the Holland Festival, which comes in Summer. Now this is such a different world and so good for my inspiration that I couldn't say 'no' to it.

I will come up with some photo's of my own soon!

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