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I started four weeks ago and learned a lot since then. How awesome to do this e-course! I can recommend it to anyone who is creative and wants to design for Home Décor. The first week we had our focus on metal. Metal is one of the five materials we learned to know. This course is about thinking in 3D. It was kind of new to me, though not totally. But now that I design these items, the last four weeks makes clear that this is what I always wanted to do. So funny, I really didn't feel that way before! Anyway. here is what I made so far, except for the past week, because that's what I will save for next Wednesday after the reviews. I had a blast making the metal stuff, but if I knew back then what I would make later for the same theme and how I should work it out all the other materials, I think it will be very smart to make another metal page that fits better with the rest from the designs.

Now at the biginning of this course we had to make a choise between 3 themes with color palettes. The theme I chose was La Marina, because it's a fact that I always reach out for the sea if I can make a choice. I live near the sea and I always loved it.

This is what I designed. It's fun to think 3D without exactly how to make it. But that isn't the real problem. The real focus I had to make was on all the possibilities you have when designing in metal. What kind of metals are there and what are they used for.

And here is week 2. Week 2 was fabric and if you know me, you know that this is the material I'm most familiar with, because I come from a fashion background. I designed many tea towels, patterns for all kinds of textile sufaces and here is what it looked like...

Last week I had another blast: glass! Didn't you know that glass is so versatile? I didn't realize until last week that I had it in me. Really, this felt so good to do! Anyway here's what I designed for last weeks assignment.

I must say, I still feel like a little less extreme, maybe a little more commercial than what others did, but the question is: is that so important to me? Or is it what makes me ME? I think the last one is the answer. I feel kind of classical with a modern and inventive touch. You see, I always like to make something that has a personal touch. But I also like retro and classical stuff. So I have the feeling that for me it's not a question of making spectacular designs in extreme new ways. No, for me it's the combination of both classic stuff and finding my own personal new ways to renew and revive it! And this way I can only say: I love it! When I realized this, it felt it as a huge relief! Here is what I said about the glass stuff I designed...

Thank you for looking. I will share my ceramic designs on wednesday!

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