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The Essentials

I love extra's. I love bonusses. I love free stuff. That's why you really need to go to my newsletter, becuase there is always something extra, some extra savings, or a little freebie of any kind. So, please go to my little newsletter tab on the top of the website and sign up. It's easy as that. I will look forward to see you!

So, now that you have done that, I want you to tell a little more about the Diary Files Essentials and how I see them.

Essentials are elements like brushes, little notes, small floral items, bugs, birds etc. that can be very useful if you are making a digital scrapbook page. Whether you make a classical page or a planner or diary page, sometimes you need filles or pieces of paper etc. to add to let it look more vivid, more expressive.

Now what I do most of the time, and what scrapbook designers do most of the time, is making the elements that you can add to your page in the colors or color theme that goes with the collection they designed. It's common and of course I do the same. But every now and then I feel the need, while making a page, to grab something from other kits and pack and change the colors myself, make it into a stamp or a shape, do some filling and blending to make it my own.

I know, you can do that with brushes and therefore I make a lot of elements for the essentials in the style of brushes. And of course they are in png files as well as in handy .abr brushes for Photoshop.

The first sets of Essentials are in the Starters set. There are all brush style except for the monthly cards. These little cards are so handy to add to your layout if you want to show a date. So I made them in 6 color combinations so that there is always one that mixes good with the rest of your page.

The others are here, in the gallery below.

Note that these sets are sold separately, normally, because they mix with every collection. Except for the Starters set of course. Soon there will be separate sets. Something to look out for!

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