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A Lilla Rogers addict

For the so maniest time (think 4 or 5) I joined the Make Art That Sells bootcamp. This is the first Monday of the month, so we have our mini exercise today. It's actually awesome and you will see more of it soon. But first I want to show you what I made for the first month of this Bootcamp. We had to make a journal (exactly, I'm always in for that :) ) And first we had to draw either Lily-of-the-valleys, geraniums or magnolia's. Depending on the first letter of your first name we had to draw these flowers first. Now since I was in the first group, I drew a lot of Lily-of-the-valleys'which were flowers that I always love to draw. So on my instagram you can find a lot of these drawings, but here is what I made for it. I loved to make another journal, but I did so much that I could have done a ton of new journals! Anyway, no time for that yet. Here's the one I've sent... I wanted to make a square one, because I always like square. To me it feels like my poetry album (sort of book of friends) that I had when I was a child.

The letter and some of the elements I developed afterwards as elements for my scrapbooking shop, just because I liked them so much :)

If you want to see what all of my class mates have made, please visit the gallery:

Thank you for looking!

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