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A lot of action in the Scrapbooking forums

Hi there, thinking I would be far from scrapbooking the next few months, I didn't think that I would come back to it so soon! This has 2 causes. 1: I finished the text and pages for the bigger part and have sent it out to the publisher. It's now all in his hands, let's hope for the best. And 2: the corona virus, that of course also is a topic everyone is worried about in the close digital community of Digital Scrapbooking Studio.

This community is worried. Like a lot of people. And that is obvious! But since 2 weekends DSS or Digital Scrapbooking Studio has a new phenomenon each weekend: the Community Lock-in forums in which a lot of freebies, challenges, other games and chats. Check it out: HERE

So I can show you what I gave away last weekend and the weekend before...

First weekend of the community Lock -in these were for free and you could have joined the challenge I held with something you made of these:

Last Sunday I had a challenge in which you could make 3 out of 4: a wreath, a garland a photo cluster or just another cluster. You could have joined the challenge and the chat. Here is what my gift was for last weekend to work with:

After the weekend the sets and packs are still available at my shop, but for a sales price. I think you'll understand that I too have to make an income! So... next week I will most certainly join the lock-in again! Who knows what I will come up with...

Will you be there?

Join the newsletter above to be sure you know what will happen next @ Berna's Playground and go to

and become a member of DSS and never miss out on fun and friends!

CU soon!

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