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Ship Ahoy!

It's so dry and hot here in the Netherlands, that I can hardly believe it. It must be the climate change, no doubt. Even I, with my half of Asian blood, do not always like it. But... during the driest period last weeks I really enjoyed my fan!

What I also like is to search for a sort of harmony in things. Like the yin and yang - dry and ... wet! So this month's collection is one that made last month complete when I designed it: I made the Diary Files for August into a water theme. Beaches, sea, lake, river, boats, cruises, it all came to my mind when I was designing. That's why I have 1 set of papers in all kins of blue. The other paper set is inspired by it but also by the primary colors. I never did that before, but well, I really must say I liked it. What's exactly inside you can find in the shop HERE

And of course here are all the previews and some layouts that are already made with it...

As always there is a bundle with everything in it for little less than half price. There is also the templates bundle with only all the templates for August. Note: in the bundle for the whole collection these are already included!

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You will receive the newsletter and a link to a free collection and until I developed another you will receive this one:

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