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Apple pies and the ancient world

Last Summer I received an invitation to guest at the Daily Digi. It was warm in the Netherlands and that made it difficult to think about the collection that was supposed to be for the last week of October. But I made it and actually, I think I did a fine job. But with the colors I would rather made for Summer products. How could I be so mistaken about that, because now I have the feeling that exactly these colors are part of me. They make me who I am, as myself AND as a designer. Of course, the colors depend on the topic, the theme of the collection I'm making. But isn't it so that we really need some extra color in these dark days? To cheer up and to feel better?

So this is why my collection Coming Home didn't need to be in more subtile colors. I just love cheerful and colorful homes!

Here is thee link to my Coming Home collection:

This layout is made by Christine

And now the other collection. Cornucopia is made after my visit to a very good exhibition in Leeuwarden, Friesland, where I visited inthe Friesian Museum. It was an exhibition about the works of Lawrence Alma-Tadema, an artist born in the late 19th century, who was inspired by the works of the ancient world. I was immediately inspired and since I learned about the story of Fortuna, who gave food to the word, I just had to do something with it!

So that's in short how I came to make this Cornucopia collection. It's a little less bright over all, but I made sure that I added something bright, though this time it was more selectively chosen. Thanks for looking! The cornucopia collection is here:

This layout is made by Britta

For more layouts please look at the gallery on the site!

Hope to see you soon in my shop or on the furums or social media :) Have a nice day!


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