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It's that time of year again...

All About Me, last collection of 2019-

This year will be the end of my years of projects. I loved it and made them a lot. But I really need to take a break from scrapbooking, because I also have another project. Focusing on one big project makes it so difficult to do the other important thing I love to do. And that thing is called Making childrens books. If you've read my website, you probably saw more children's books. I made a few picture books already, but that was a long time ago. And I also illustrated some childrens books from other writers, Loes Masserree and Patricia de Landtsheer. Now that I will have more time for that, you will read more about it on my blog. I didn't say that I will be completely vanishing from the digital scrapbook scene, but it depends, it'll not be the first thing to do in the new year. I will be still working through January for Digital Scrapbooking Studio anyway! No worries: I will be not fully gone, I like scrapbook designing too much for that! And maybe I will even have some fun stuff over the months, I don't know yet.

Anyway this is the last AAM collection, I am Daisy. I hope you like it. I had fun making it!

For my shop with this and the other All About Me collections, you can go to:

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