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A white December day

Winter, snow, skating, Christmas, trees, birds, a fox and a badger, these elements all show up in my new Christmas collection. My new collections all have a cute girl inside and this time she is on skates. Skating in the open air has always been a real Dutch habit. In case there is snow. Holland is a land of many canals, ponds and lakes. Sometimes they are made by nature, floods, rivers, ice-age, but the Dutch always digged their own waters. There is so many water around us that if you don't have your swimming diploma's you really need to be careful: there is always some water in the neighbourhood. So if it freezes we have a wonderful time with Koek en Zopie (=cook and hot drinks) and a lot of people- young and old - will put their skates on and swoosh away. I say if it freezes; we are close to the sea too, so it doesn't happen every year and climate change can really be measured here. We had much colder Winters 20+ years back.

I'm not a fantastic skater myself. But I like the idea of snow and ice. I'm really a Summer person, but if we could have those Winters back with snow and ice, wow, that would be amazing and I would go outside and make a snowman and look at all the people skating on the pond, making a lot of photo's.

I'm so proud of my CT. They made wonderful pages with my collection. Here's what they made. If you want to see the whole collection, plese click HERE :)

This is a layout made by Elaina. It was the LOTW! YAY!

By Ingerlise:

By Ingerlise

By Fenny:

By Tineke:

By Karine:

I still have a freebie for you to try this new collection. If you are on the Digital Scrapbooking Studio website, you can find the download link at:

There are more freebies there than only my A white December day. There is also the minikit from last month. If you are quick there will be still an active link. But at the end of the year, I will have this removed. Just letting you know! With this link to the minikit you can of course make a layout and put it on the December Minikit Challenge, where someone can win the full collection (=Bundle) by random pick! And, when you already purchased it and would win this challenge, you will get a coupon for the same amount to spend in my shop!

Here is what Nina made with the freebie alone:

And here's what Ingerlise,Karine and Anja made with it:



And... there is a sale for this: 40% OFF! YAY! Until December 24th!

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