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TDF: my first few pages

Oh my, My first steps

In my The Diary Files inspiration guide I am talking about trees. Trees have always fascinated me. They have charm, they're stong and give us air. There is no tree in the world the same. I love to make this into one of my projects to follow a tree for a whole year. I want to start and make a choice and maybe that is the hardest part of it: choosing a tree to follow it the whole year. I think I don't make photo's of it every day. You can of course do that if you want to, but in my opinion, there isn't very much of a change on a tree overnight. However, you could of course make photo's or paint a tree from different perspectives. that would make it interesting. My idea to make the tree alive is to make a photo every week and make painting and drawings from it whenever I think I need to make one.

I have always made trees and here I show one that I once made during an e-course of Lilla Rogers. Here it is...

Yeah, childrens illustrations. To me it's so great when I can tell a story. Whether it's in a digital scrapbook layout or in a children's book illustraotion, to me it's always a blast! Now off to find me my own tree! I will keep you updated about the trees and the new Diary Files!

So that was that. Now off to my first few pages with the templates. Remember that I always make 'wild' templates. I want to make them loose and not statical. I want you to have the option to leave everything out, replace everything etc. I'd like you to use them only for the global layout.

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