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October blues

I'm always doing too many things, but I have so many ideas that I really want to write or draw them before they are gone. Now I had the opportunity to do two e-courses and even if I don't get them both posted all the time, I really really need to do them. I'm sure I will go on with the digital scrapbooking designing I do, but I always have the feeling that I could do more drawing, get to learn new skills and ways to look at drawing and painting, and I LOVE to illustrate. So now I'm doing Imagining at Sketchbook Skool and Illustrating Children's books at Make Art That Sells from Lilla Rogers at the same time (both AMAZING!) while working on the designs for the later weeks in October and for the November collection of The Diary Files. It's like crazy, but at the same time it brings me so much joy that you could hardly understand it :)

Now what I wanted to show you is the new, 3 days old October collection of the Diary Files. Of course I have made papers and elements. Actually, there are a lot of them. And What would the collection bewithout the dolls and the brushes? As always I added the first two weeks of October as daily templates. These cover Weeks 40 and 41 from October 1st until the 14th. The later weeks will be sold seperately in about two weeks!

Here is what's inside the October collection. If you want to see more, please visit my shop for details and some wonderful samples and pages by my Creative Team!

Ps. The Minikit for October Challenge is a Halloween inspired freebie that you can download to see more of my work and to try out some of my products. I would really appreciate a little note on how you liked it and of course I hope that you would make a lovely digital page with it and show it in The Diary Files minikit challenge of October. You can find that challenge here: MINIKIT CHALLENGE OCTOBER

Hope to see you there!

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