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Slowing down? Never!

Ever since I am a scrapbook designer I have wanted to come up with new and unique products. Rather that making photo's of elements and use them as my elements for a collection, I drew my elements. Well, at first I DID make photo's of the elements, but I figured out that that wasn't my real passion. No! My real passion was in the drawing. And it still is, now more than ever before.

Today my February collection will be in the shop. If there isn't any delay. Because there are many things to do for the hard working crew of Digital Scrapbooking Studio, I know. With one soul less, because she is in the hospital right now, it's really really hard work for the other ladies. So my hope is that my collection will be in the shop by the end of the day. But please don't feel too bad if you have to wait for another day. It WILL come.

Anyway, I myself am already in the middle of March with my designs. And I can assure you that it will be an awesome collection too! :) However, don't forget to look closely on what I have to offer in February. It's fun, it's new, and don't you think the colors by my wonderful niece Loïs are beautiful? Yes, Loïs did it again. Tahnk you hun, for the great job you did!

Okay, here is the overview of the pack and sets. I will show more work made with it when it's ready. Oh, and don't forget to take a look in the galleries of Digital Scrapbooking Studio, because there will be so many beautiful pages made with it in a few weeks!

Thank you for looking! Ps. there will be a sale for the individual products of 30% off during the first week. Bundles are even lower in price!

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