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Good vibes come your way

Since a few months I have the feeling that it would be nice when I should make a video sometimes. So I tried it out making a little video for my dear Creative Team. It was hell at first: I was so afraid to do this and yet I wanted it. So I tried more and more and in the end, taping all of it and the last video I took, I finally found myself less idiot, like it came to me more natural.

That was the time when I decided that the video was good enough to share with my CT. With sweatty hands and a sore throat I sat on my couch waiting for the members'reactions. But it was very quiet at first... Didn't they like it? Was it too much for them? OMG, I had the feeling I made a joker of myself.

Then, there were some reactions: they thought that it was nice and fun. They made me compliments and were giving comments telling me that it was lovely to watch me in real life.

This was a test. I am working on my first video now for a bigger public. Of course I want to share it with the test audience first. But after that... well, I think I'm going to be able to handle it :)

Fenny, one of my sweet creative team members even made a page with my photo.

If you click on the layout you will go to the Berna's Playground gallery with more great layouts that you can make with the Diary Files.


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