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Brackets & and smiles

I had the flu and it was one of the most unpleasant weeks I ever had. I could hardly breath and my temperature had risen far above normal. I cannot recall I ever felt this sick before. But now I'm back! I can smile again and I can bend my body to the ground without feeling dizzy. Darn, it was about time: my house really needs a vacuum cleaning!

Since the beginning of the Diary Files year I have the feeling that the collections are changing. I think that's good: It's the next step to even make more personal pages. Whether you show them in galleries or keep the layouts you make for yourselves, the journaling and the word art, the emotions and expressions, they all probably play a more important role in your layouts than when you started.

Sometimes the pages may be fun, but there are also these therapeutic pages. I know that sometimes I make them and I don't wanna show them. Because I feel too vulnarable or the story is too personal. That's when I advice my CT to change the real story for the 'Lorem Ipsum' text that is standard in the Photoshop program. If you are not working with Photoshop, you can also easily generate the text when you google on 'Lorem Ipsum text'

Very interesting to know that this text is over 2000 old and is actually a text in Latin by Cicero.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that I decided that there should not only be fun and smiling dolls or emotion faces. I think it's time now to show not only the smiles but also the brackets. And the anger, rolling eyes, the not so young and cheerful and everything that is beyond our everalsting smiles. So here is the first collection with more emotion than before. I hope you can deal with it :)

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