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One nasty Winter

I had a hard time last two months. I wasn't sick with the flu once, but twice! I guess it just was my turn, because I can hardly remember myself having the flu. Okay, I still have the cough and maybe I am still a little tired from that, but I think I have beaten the virusses now! At least it's April now. And later today they think the wheather will be better. I hope so! I can hardly wait to go biking again in the countryside on my lovely bike without a helmet - like they do in the Netherlands!

Today I want to show you what I made for the April collection. I love to draw these dolls and the word art and though I was sick, I have the privilege to draw from my couch, sipping my tea and finding the comfort of a little throw blanket. I also did some sketching for the next month of Make Art That Sells Bootcamp, but I will show you that in another post!


I found out that my dolls are becoming more and more popular. I want you to know that I always have liked this part very much. It's inspiring to see all those people in all the shapes and varieties. I love to see that you are pleased with the dolls I make and for me this is the reason to go on with them. Some of you asked me a while ago how I draw them. My answer is: it depends. Most of the time I have an idea in my head and I want to draw that pose with the clothes I see with it from my mind. Other times, especially when the pose is a little hard, I look for similar poses in books or on the internet. And sometimes, when I am somewhere, for instance in a mall, I secretly draw people who are there.

Here the collection and also what my CT and I made with it. This time I added a LOT of flowers. Because it's April, it's Spring, and it is so inspiring! Hope you like it!

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