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Selfie project

Some things in life take a lot of courage. What other people see as a piece of cake, can be an absolute struggle for you. On the other side, there might be things that cost you a minute, while there are people who find those same things unbearable and a huge challenge.

I will tell you about my struggles. Not al - too boring, but one thing at a time. I have always liked drawing and I have always hated it to see photo's of myself or to hear myself. I love photography, but I prefer to keep the camera myself and make all the pictures on an event or vacation. While I am pretty confident about my drawings, I really didn't want to have a smart phone, because I couldn't be making selfies like others do, could I? My belly is to fat, my eyes look tired most of the time and since I am a little allergic to make-up, you will seldom see me with it. I hide behind the camera and I hide behind my PC.

Now I think that, even if I do not like it at all, it would be good for me to just get rid of the fear. I always wanted that. Last year I even had the courage to speak in the open and I read my poems in front of people I didn't know. Now this year, I want to prove to myself that I can do it: I can make selfies. So I did. The past weekend my husband Harry and I ateended a great party with a glitter and disco theme. So we rented golden and silver costumes and I even put a lot of make-up on. And wow, I felt really nice. Then I thought: if there is any moment to make a selfie it would be now. And so I did. The results were pretty and yes, I liked them enough to use one as my new profile picture. But what do you do with all those selfies? Isn't it enough to have one?

So I started to trace one that I had enlarged to remove a few little spots. And while I was doing that I suddenly thought of a wonderful idea: A challenge for myself and for you if you like to. I traced the photo in Photoshop and recolored and redid everything using one of the selfies. And I will do that for a month. It's learning me more about making self portraits and it would be really lovely to see yours too!

I will post every day on Facebook and here and maybe on Instagram and Pinterest. Please join me. It's only for 1 month!

Okay, here is my photo and what I made from it today...

This is the photo and today I made the first selfie in Photoshop. I traced and layered things separately giding each layer (face, hat, eyes, hair, jacket, necklace, mouth, etc) a different overlay with either a solid color or a background paper of the Wow Mom collection. I cut out letters from the word chips of the same Wow Mom colletion and the grungy outline is made with a resized overlay from the Eye Love You - Old Photo's Megapack vol. 2.

Below the result.

Thank you for looking! Hope to see you tomorrow! I hope you want to show me the results. Please upload them to your facebook account and share the with me! It will be fun!


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