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My portfolio

Whenever I try to explain my portfolio I really struggle when it comes to telling what I like to do most of all. You see, to me drawing and painting are things I like to do. Oh, and also designing, thinking about where to use my drawing for. Sometimes it comes to me naturally, like when I am making an illustration, I know exactly if it's for a book or a magazine or for a manifesto etc. But when I am drawing a carrot or a car, or a colorful bus, it's not so easy: so that's why I sometimes use items for my surface patterns for home decor and other times for a dress.

I recently renewed my Portfolio a bit. I added some pictures and left some out too. BTW, I didn't call it Portfolio, but simply 'Work'. You can find there my Illustrations, my Children's books, my Surface designs and My Projects - Now it's Project Selfie.

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