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The house, a new collection and...

Before I knew it May went into June and June into July. And today it's already August! Our house was so worn and torn that we really needed to do something about. So this year we have our vacation in and around the house. It's all much more modern now. Instead of the light blue we had on the front with the white, it's now omber grey with white. It feels so grown up finally having a decent non-color on our dream house, LOL! It's like finally shaking off the Pippi Longstocking in me.

I think you can see what part are the windows to my studio, LOL. Okay, it's still a little messy, but when it's all ready I will upload another photo.

In the meantime I struggled to make a new collection. Weird? Yeah, for me it is: I never failed to have inspiration, but now it seemed to have been stucked somewhere in the brain and wouldn't come out. Darn, had a bad time having that, but hey, I feel like being in the recovery now and I made this Strawberry Fields collection. To see the whole collection, please visit my shop Berna's Playground at Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Here are some of the amazing layouts by my CT and some are also from me.

by Tineke:

by Fenny:

by Karine:

by Christine:

by me:

and this one is by Jeannette, my former CT member that is also in the CT from Digital Scrapbooking Studio:

For more wonderful pages, please visit the gallery:

Now the other thing that is going on now is.... YAY! The Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2016! I did come through the first round last year and of course I hope to do the same now. The assignment is so great and there is so much talent in this competition, that it will be hard. But that doesn't mean I give up on it! Nope, I will really enjoy to despite do the best I can and try to make a great piece! The deadline for the first round is August 12th. You will see more of it soon!

But first I have to decorate the garden and clean the house and prepare it for a big event: My son Noah is turning 18 on Friday! YAY! I will be sure there will be enough seats, food, beverage and a BBQ! Because that's what he asked for. Now the only worries are the weather. Please keep your fingers crossed!

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