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...and back on track!

In order to be back on track after the vacation, the Summer madness and the excitement of the Global Talent Search (which I unfortunately didn't pass to the next round), I decided to look at all my old work that really felt good about and that was worth all the 'trouble' of re-introducing. There is a lot I don't want to have back in my shop, but there is also a part that didn't deserve a real retirement, simply because they keep coming back in everything I still do. Those collections make my style, my colors, my whole identity. Sometimes hand painted, like in Back to Bollywood, other times these collections are mainly made in Photoshop and Illustrator. But that isn't an issue. So Now I had to decide what part is coming back and what part won't make it. Let me say that I love color and I love exotic. And then you know: Back to Bollywood is the most colorful and exotic collection I've even made. It's cheerful, hand painted, full of colors that remind of India, but very good to use for all Summer projects, not only the exotic ones.

Now this week is the week of 33% off at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and it's of course awesome to get the collection for a few bucks. But for the people that have to wait for the end of the month: don't worry, the collection (except for the whole bundle because that is even cheaper) packs and pieces of Back to Bollywood will be low for antother week: 30% off until September 12th! Here some previews.

To see the whole collection, I hope you will visit my shop:

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