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DSD Sales!

What began as a special day for digital scrapbooking as a counterpart of the NSD, the National Scrapbooking Day, is for the digital community of nowadays an absolute highlight of the year. With sales in every webshop and sometimes the most awesome hunts and games to participate in.

To me this is the first year and first time ever that I am really involved with it. The Studio does a lot in terms of awesome sales! You will finbd out that there are Flash sales with wonderful products for the crazy price of just 1 dollar! Ooooh, you really won't miss that! We all could choose our 6 products to sell for a Flash sale price. There will be 3 products on Friday and 3 different ones on Saturday. Check out what they are now!

There is also a 50% off sale for other products so there's enough for everybody.

Have fun, I hope to see you in my store!

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