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Just a little less than two weeks and there is Halloween! YAY! But before that I hope to see a lot of the beauty that October can show us. Like those powerful colors on the trees and in the leaves and the muchrooms on the ground. It's like magic. And although I am really more of a Summer girl, I love these colors and the air with wild skies, sometimes with storms, and thunder, sometimes with the calmth of a last sign of Summer.

I have four new collections for you. 3 of them are revised and from a former life, 1 of them, Splendid October, is totally new. I had a blast making them, all four and I so much would like you to used them that I could only do 1 thing: making an great sale with these products.

The sale for Colors of the Rainbow, I Have a Dream and Splendid October are from tomorrow, the 20th of October until the 28th. All these products, except for the Bundles, have 40% off.

Here are a few of the kits and packs I made and the links to the shop.

But there is more...

Nocturne is a collection inspired by the longer nights and the magic of a starry sky. It's the mystic of the dark outside. Like Halloween, but without the pumkins, the spider webs, the skeletons, the bats. Just a great alternative for the ususal Halloween collections! Oh, and for all kind of other fun and mystical adventures! I found it soo awesome that there would be a Halloween sale, that these Nocturne products, except for the Bundle which is already low in price, will eb even 50% off! This sale is from 20th until the 27th of October. Have fun shopping and scrapping and don't forget to enjoy the beauty of October!


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