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Hurray, it's February

Oh how quick January has passed! I didn't even have the time to make my own execises and assignments! Not that it is of any matter. Anyhow, I had a wonderful short break on Malta. It was fun and very inspiring. Since it wasn't very warm and Summer-like, we could visit a lot. We saw so many great buildings, from the Medieval and later, but also a stand alone building that is even older than Stonehenge, or the pyramids in Egypt. It was amazing and I'm sure I will show you more on pages I made for The Diary Files soon!

February, Winter month, that is, if you are living on the Northern hemisphere. If you're from the Southern half, I bet you rather wear a T-shirt than the sweater I wear now. February is also the time for love. For Valentine's day and secret admirations. Time for romance and sweetness. Time for the inside.

And of course, there is time for the Diary Files, February, YAY! Here's a quick summary of the previews. They're on sale now, at least for a week. And after that, the full pack will stay on sale. Of course there is still the possibility to join and even to subscribe to the yearly subscription : $99 for a full year membership in which you get 12 full collections, one every month, with always papers, elements and dolls and a moodboard, color card and insiration PDF. Members have the benefits of joining a group on Facebook and getting tutorials, personal assistance on your project, and great extra materials that are exclusively for them.

To see all things Diary Files together, I recommend to visit my shop:

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