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September is here

I am so happy to announce that the Diary Files for September are finally in the shop. Can't wait for you to see everything I made. I was inspired by the fact that my (big adult) children are going to their new years. My eldest is even going to university now. She wants to study to be a doctor and I am so glad she seems to have found her bliss! So part of the collection is based on science and biology. As for my son of 18, he is going to the last year of college now. He loves history and geology so I also based a part of the inspiration for this collection on that. I could show you all of the collection here, but I won't because with one click you can find everything together in the shop. Please click in the bottom of this post on the preview of the whole pack and it'll bring you directly to my shop!

But first, let me show you a few of my pages, already made with the new collection:

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