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The Diary Files for November

Oh I know, I always begin a new month with so much inspiration and with plenty of time to get everything ready exactly in time. But then I forget that I also have to post my collection. And not only that, also the layout samples made by me and my CT. It's a blast, but it can also be hard sometimes. Especially when I also have an e-course to do. And this time it's an amazing one: I am busy with the last week of the Lilla Rogers and Zoë Tucker. Since I already AM an illustrator and it's announced that this is the last time that they will do this as a live e-course, I really, really, really needed to be part of it. And all I can tell you: It's AMAZING! I so much LOVE it. AND I have the feeling that this is not only great for illustrating childrens books, but that this is also very, very welcome for me when I am designing for digital scrapbooking supplies.

Okay, If you wanna know more about my illustrations, please look at my Instagram @BernaDatema or read my next blogpost!

Here are the previews from my November collection. As always: I loved it!

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