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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. Come and celebrate with me today: I have 6 awesome doorbusters in my shop for $1 EACH! Don't miss out, because this is a ONE DAY OPPORTUNITY!

My picks for this Black Friday are six of my favorite products, that I really like a lot. That why I want to share them with you for this absolutely fab price.

There is an 'A White December day' set of 4 Art papers, great for making cards, Cornucopia's Journaling cards are $1 too. I made Cornucopia last year, and I must say, I used it a lot, myself, because of the colors and the handy cards, bigger and smaller. Then there is a set hand painted birds that I made for the May Diary Files. Handy to have and really great to use for almost every occasion. The Mindefulness flowers and Artisan papers are two of my other favorites. The are a little older now, but they appeared to be so versatile! Last but not least I added a set of printable recipe cards. When I see all the recipes coming along on the internet, in the magazines when I go to the supermarket and when I'm with friends that cooked a wonderful meal, I really, really, really love to make a note of it. This is my way to make a fun tiny recipe book!

Oh and don't forget: The other products are almost all for 50% and that is only TODAY! Have fun shopping!


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