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Another month of Bootcamp

As an illustrator and designer I'm always in the mood to make a new fun page for my portfolio. Never a boring moment, but if I'm draing something for the Make Art That Sells courses of Lilla Rogers, it's even more fun, because I never know what we are going to make.

Now last month I made these girls trying to read tea leaves. The mini was also about tea and the big assignment as we get that after a week of studying, was about making a cover for a journal cover for the gift market.

In January I started with the cover of a children's book of a character that you had to do based on the month of birth. Now mine is May, so I had to make a book cover about the Power Puff Girls, maybe you still remember.

Now in March we started last week by making sketches of victorian hats. Now the big assignment is here and we have to make a suffragettes portrait for a magazine. This is for the editorial market. Now according to my month of birth I have to draw a portrait of one of the suffragettes Frances Mary Buss. A very interesting woman that I didn't know of before.

Don't you think it's exciting?

Here some studies and drawings from this month and the last 2 month and from now plus the actual page I made for last month's assignment.

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