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MATS Bootcamp

Part of the reasons that I am slowing down a bit, is that I am also busy with a new e-course from Lilla Rogers art school. I am enjoying this so much! And I might be a bit slower for the scrapbooking supplies I design, the outcome of this, is that the scrapbooking studio, my shop will also have the benefits. Because in the end I will be a better designer. I feel I am developing my skills, think more freely and be even more inspired than before. So I will keep doing the classes if I can. They make me feel happy and excited :)

Now this was what I made for my portfolio in the 2nd month of the 2019 Mats Bootcamp...

We first had to draw opposties. Like Cat and dog, or cat and mouse, or whale and goldfish. Or pairs, like left and right, Bonny and Clyde etc. I decided to go for hats and boots, because they're a match and opposites at the same time. I drew a lot of hats and shoes and boots for this assignment so I think you will also see that coming back in my scrapbooking project for the next issue (#3) which will soon be ready.

I hope you like it.

I'm so curious already for next month's assignment already!

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