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I LOVE designing! - GTS

Sometimes I want to pinch myself in the arm because I so LOVE what I do. Despite all the hard work, the fact that a lot of people do not seem to know what digital scrapbooking is and what they can do with it, despite of all the efforts I do to also make money on other designing and illustrating markets,I feel so free, so thankful that I can make all of it, that I can draw and paint - which are the things I like best to do.

If you know me longer than this blog message, you know that I have already done a lot of e-courses by Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells, and now I recently joined the Global Talent Search or GTS. I am now doing a journal cover for the first assignment and oh, how I hope to make it to the second round! It's soooo exciting!

I won't show you much of it right now, but here is a little sneak peek on what I'm working on...

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