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October collection and Digital Scrapbooking Days

Happy October!!!

Honestly, before I started designing for digital scrapbooking I didn't like the months at the end of the year. I was kind of depressed from the moment I saw the first leaves falling until the first hopeful little green dots appearing at the end of the Winter. But when I saw what fun it was to join all those wonderful challenges, the collections people made and the possitivity in the digital scrapbooking community about all things in Fall and the coming Winter, it made me really enthousiastic. Now I know what you can do with all the colors warmth inside the house, festivities with family and friends. Going out in costumes on Halloween etc. ... and of course for Digital Scrapbooking Day(s) - coming weekend!
So fun to see what my home site Digital Scrapbooking Studio does for DSD! Don't forget to visit the website for awesome deals and fun things to do. You can search now, but you won't find it until the DSD at Friday. I'm sure however, that it will be there: 20 months of dolls. From the start in January 2017 all through August 2018. 20 x 4 dolls. In all kind of shapes and situations. The dolls are faily big so that they could fit big on a 12x12" page, but can be used smaller too. They are in black outlines and in full color.
During the Digital Scrapbooking Days the price for this huge set of 80 dolls will be $30 instead of $50!!! YAY! SO be there at Digital Scrapbooking Studio and grab these fun dolls!
Another awesome DSD offer is my bundle deal. With not 1 ,2 or 3 bundles but 4 worth less that an avererage bundle! Here is the deal the bundle preview for this offer. I cannot give you the link to it yet, because the sale starts tomorrow, but if you go the Digital Scrapbooking Studio and look for Bundle Deals under Digital Art, I'm sure you can find it by tomorrow!
There will be also Flash sales for $1 and much much more. So please visit our DSS webshop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday if you don't want to miss a thing! Here is the link:
The October collection is alive!
To now overwhelm you with information I just want to show you the collection hereunder. You can find it in my shop now!
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