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A little disappointed...

I joined the Global Talent Search as I told you a long time ago for the third time. And... I didn't make it to the second round. Of course I was a little disappointed at first! I would lie if I said I wasn't. But does it stop me from designing? Does it give me an artist block? Does it make me wanna stop? NO! OF COURSE NOT! I really really feel now again like in other years, that I BELONG here, I really AM an artist! I can stand on my own and do the things I just LOVE to do: drawing, designing.

Now of course you want to know what I made for the first round, because I waited a long time before I wanted to post it. Well, here it is. The assignment was to design a journal for gardeners. I made this page...

I didn't wait so long for another reason that I had too much to do on other jobs, so I'm not sad at all. I had my August collection for The Diary Files to make and now I have finished that I finally have a little time to show you this.

If you know me from my scrapbooking designs, you must have seen that it is somehow related to what I make there and in fact there are many items that I am going to use for scrapbooking now, because if this was to show as a sample of what I do and a company wanted to do something with me for a gardeners journal or for something else, I would make new stuff, right? I would do something original and never seen before of course!

Now if you read my next blog post, you can find out what I dit with the little brown bird in this assignment. Because you can buy it! YAY!

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