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It's a new month before you know it!

I always start a new collection with a new color pallette and a new set of dolls. The dolls are my most popular item. There are always 4 dolls and they can be used in various ways: I make them in black outlines and in full color, so you can mix and match with everything else of the collection. There are people that collect them, really. They use them for fun, as a mood, an activity or a state of mind with their scrapbook layouts. If you only collect these dolls, you will have 4 x12 = 48 dolls by the end of the year!

An extra set this month of May is the set of hand painted birds. Great as another item to add to your pages.

In the elements set there are the bird houses. And a tree, so there is room enough to add a bird here and there!

Here is what's inside this May collection:

A set of plain papers (42 in total), a set of 40 printed papers, there are 56 elements, a set of 4 dolls in black outlines as well as in full color, the is an alphabet with upper and lower case, numbers, signs and glyphs and little round chips to mix and match, there is also a set of 12 colorful birds and a set of brushes in .png files and in .abr files for Photoshop. In the full pack there are also 2 weeks of templates that come in .psd files for Photoshop and in .png files for every program. The templates contain week 18 and 19 from April 30th through May 13th. As always the full pack includes a color pallet, a moodboard and a PDF inspiration guide to get you started in a great way!

Instead of purchasing individual packs, you can save BIG by purchasing The Diary Files - Complete 2017 Subscription! When you purchase the 2017 Subscription, you receive access to ALL products in this collection!

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