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Starting 2015

So glad this year is here to stay for 365 days! Tomorrow will be a big day, because then the Bootcamp class from Lilla Rogers will start. And guess what? i will be in it! I am just such a lucky girl! Thrilled to be part of it and very curious about what it will be? What will be the mini exercise? What will be the assignment for January?

I also will attend the 12 pages 2015 group. And I will start the first page tomorrow evening. We will make a book and I will show you as soon as it's ready. This is such fun, because I will make these pages together with Mariek and Nica, a friend and her daughter.

Oh, there is even a lot more to talk about, to show you and to just do. Please stay put, because it's really gonna be good, I assure you!

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