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Th February Bootcamp Assignment @ Lilla Rogers

I was certain that I had time enough to post the contribution I made for the February Bootcamp assignment. But... for the first time I couldn't make it. Not that I felt too bad about it, I HAD made the tree slice with a painting on it. I did more than one, as you can see in my last post. But this was the ultimate idea I had: make a canvas into a tree slice and that tree slice into a clock for a childrens' room. Now as you can see I still have to make the numbers on it and I have to make the clockwork working as it should be. Of course it will be ready some day, but first now I have to prepare my next collection for Digital Scrabooking at Studio Berna, because I still have a little time for it now. Next week I will be spending a lot of time for the next e-course of Lilla Rogers: Make Art That Sells Part B. I know it will be awesome and I know I will be so thrilled to do this again! Anyway, here's my presentation for the clock:


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