MATS B is over

I'm feeling so down to earth again, now that my Make Art That Sells part B course of Lilla Rogers school is over! I haven't done anything but designing for the course. And I liked every minute of it. ! Luckily I still have the Bootcamp, the monthly assignments (instead of the weekly of MATS B). It6 means that I have time left now to show you what I have made, to show you new stuff I have made for Studio Berna ( for digital scrapbooking - see my Scrapbooking pages) and for who knows what to come!

The growth I feel in my designing and illustrating life has been huge. The new assignments made me think I could do better all the time and I feel I have driven myself to the egde of what was possible for me to design every week. It really gave me strength seeing all the possibilities I never expected before! So here I would love show you the last two weeks of my MATS course, but honestly, I think I keep one week still for myself, so that I can show it to people who possibly could licence it from me.

So the last week was... Party Paper. Boy, I had a blast again. Here's what I made: