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Semi finalist

I can finally find the time to blog a bit about this wonderful competition I'm involved in at the moment: Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search. So, now that I have submitted for the second round, I will show you with what piece I have been chosen for this second round...

Among all the 50 wonderful designs I have seen I have been chosen with this design. We had to read about the demography of a fictive young lady that needed some new sneakers.

In short:

She was living in Brooklyn New York and she loves things from Paris for her wonderful vintage style shop with wonderful products. She needed the sneakers because she travels to her shop by bike.

So... yesterday, Sunday the 13th I submitted my new design for round two. This is very serious and very exciting at the same time: this time the 50 candidates will have their work judged by people from companies everyone of us would really like to work for. It's a dream! My ultimate dream would be designing with Lilla Rogers as my agent, but if that is not possible, who knows who likes my work enough to give me a chance? But... we will also be judged by... YOU! YAY!

I will tell you when and where you can vote from Wednesday till the 21st. Only 6 out of the 50 semi finalists will make it to the finals. This means 1 designer will be chosen by the public and the other five are chosen by the professional jury.

I will show the 2nd piece here as soon as it's allowed. Have a wonderful day!

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