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Making wreaths

I see so many wreaths on the internet lately that I really liked to give it a try. I used stuuf I made for the Art boxes, but used them in a different way, making the icons into Photoshop brushes. I also had additional brushes, all made for Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search, but never used for the original submission. I always try to make some brushes when I design for a project. It saves a lot of time and is great to use over and over again. And here it is...

I might be making more of these, beacause I really liked to do this one!

Other projects

I also have some new ideas. Looking in the future, I know that I will have to develope some Christmas products soon, or I will be too late to add my stuff to sites or markets. We won't miss that, do we? So I'm making my first Winter and Christmas sets now.

Carolijn, a friend of mine, asked me if I couldn't design a print for a dress. That's the other project I am involved in now. It's gonna be a famous dress from the fifties with of course a modern touch in the way I like to see prints. My friend is Dutch and lives in France, maybe to leave the country soon. So this would be a lovely dress with a print with La France as a theme. It's quite a challenge, especially because I didn't do something with fashion for years.

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