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Thank you if you have voted for me in the Global Talent Search. Unfortunately I wasn't among the 7 finalists, but I might have been 8th, who knows? :) For sure I had a blast and I really really learned a lot from this experience. Like going that extra mile, search for unique selling points, thinking of other possibilities.

In this new time space that I have now, I am dividing my time between preparing my Christmas collections, making new designs and a PDF to put them is, searching for new companies to send my designs to, and designing a full cirlce print for a dress for my friend Caroline. No need to feel bored at all, no need to be sad - though I really would love to be part of the Lilla Rogers agency :)

Here's a part of my crusteceans PDF I'm working on. It contains wall art, bolt fabric, cups, plates, coasters, napkins, bowls, metal tins etc. I must say that this is one of my favorite topics till now.

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