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Well, I think I chose the wrong Winter fairs for my stuff after all. Not that it weren't nice markets, but I didn't make a penny. I know it has nothing to do with my style or my kind of designs, LOL, at least I hope it hasn't! But really, there were more exhibitors who found it to be really disappointing compared to last year or to their usual Christmas markets and Winter fairs sales.

So now I have all my attentions to what I will do now. And I think I really like to re-open the Etsy shop. I will do that very soon, because I still have a lot of Winter and Christmas stuff. But beside that, I will also sell my non-holiday desins and paintings!

But there is more... because since I stopped designing at ScrapbookGraphics, I had just a little heartache about some stuff I made for digital scrapbooking. Now it's nowhere on the internet, but I want to see some of my digital work back for sale. Especially the collections. I want to see if it's a good idea. Not sure yet, but let's see how it works out...

I will keep you informed!

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