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Preparations for Home Decor

I am all set for the course. It starts next week, on the 25th. This home decor course is so great (I have seen some stuff made by students from (the same) former courses) and then my decision was made! So now yesterday I played with some color schedules. I am not totally finished with that, but we had a 2nd mini exercise to work on.

Here some of my color blocks. I honestly didn't know what I could do with Instagram before (shame on me!) but now that I got rid of my old Nokia (yes!) I can finally see how easy this works. Well, actually the colors are made with the iPad instead of my Huawei.

Now the next thing I had to do was searching for some lamp to shoot photo's from. Darn, it's probably the coldest day of the year so far here and I only have a bike today. So I made photo's of the only three lamps in the house that were a little nicer than what you normally see. But I say a little, because I think they're pretty dated and overexposed too.

I will only show one here, the one which is a little more original than the rest...

I had to make this from a really strange angle because of the low sun. Anyway, just saw that one of the light bulbs was out. Remind me to fix that! What I like best on this photo is still my swimming pool blue wall which we painted last year. It is so vivid.

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