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Project Selfie

Why is it that sometimes I'm afraid to be seen online without make-up? Without being properly styled? Without even having combed my hair? What is wrong with me? I live my whole life the natural way, only wearing make-up when I'm going out or when I have an important meeting. It is seldom that I just feel like it. SO WHY? WHY should I wear make-up every day now for aonther selfie?

I was wondering about this from the moment I woke up. I must admit, it's like skinny dipping in the city fountain, but hey, you see the real me now! How fun is that? Oh, and you see how I re-worked my own face into a Selfie Portrait. Today I used papers from Artisan Papers vol. 1, Craftwork vol. 1 and 2, I blended my face with a little Chicks & Ducks and for the alphabet I used my Light Blue Alpha. All available in my shop, but hey, that's not what I am doing this for :)

So this is me without the make-up. I wear an old dark orange T-shirt with little holes on my belly, those strange and mysterious holes that I cannot stand and my hair brush was gone, LOL. B.t.w. you will get used to orange: it's my favorite color!

... and this is what I made of it.

That was it for today. Hope to see you again tomorrow!


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