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Day 3 of the Selfie Project

Today I made the decission to paint. I first made a setup in pancil on paper and after that I painted with aquarel mainly and also with some acrylic. Because I wore such a stupid boring black sweater, I readid it. That's one of the benefits of painting: you can change anything you did like in the selfie. I also did a little trick that made it more interesting for myself: I mirrored the photo and made a painting of the mirrored photo. Just to have the feeling that it's more me. And it worked: I think this one was harder to do because I could only see the selfie from a distance on my computer.

Here are the stages fromsketch to painting.

And this is what I made of it when I scanned and added some minor details in Photoshop.

This was a long day. I don't have time to do it this way every day. Maybe you can imagine :) But it was really worth it. Tomorrow I will be making a quicker one! Be back soon!

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