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Bad hair day

Bad hair day. Yesterday I went to Rataplan, the second hand shop in Heerhugowaard where I live, to see if there was anything for me to wear on a selfie eventually. I went there with Carolijn and her son. We had a blast. When I had to make a selfie today I found myself in terrible shape. I have sort of a stomach flue I guess and I looked so pale and tired that I gave in for today: yes, I wearave makeup and A LOT OF IT. The shawl I bought in the 2nd hand shop covered my hair just enough to hide the wild curls and crazy exploded hair. And when I saw myself with the makeup and the shawl over my head I suddenly felt like a flower power Indian style of hippy. So I decided this was the time for a dramatic pose, a dramatic look and a bollywood type of colors. So this is it for today. Oh and I thought, this might also be a good time to change my profile picture, because I like it.

Ps. I dedicate this portrait to a man we just lost.

As you can see it's digital art again: I have a lot of work to do other thatn this today, so today no real painting :(

I hope to see you tomorrow.


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