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Two days behind already

Let's skip the 26th, because I had an exhausting drawing for the 25th. I loved to make it, but it took me a long time. Now that I do this for over a week |I can see benefits as well as some negetive elements doing this project. One of the good things is of course to show what I can and how I work and to create in a certain style, make it my own. The less good things are that this project is supposed to be a short quick thing every day, not something I keep on working for the whole day. But I can't help it really: I have ADD and that makes that I want to focus also on other things, most likely on MANY other things, but of course I can't. And that hurts me, because I want to do it all. So I am certain that, whenever I do another 30 days project, it'll be lots and lots smaller. Maybe I take an hour of each day and only use that hour for a project. These selfie portraits are sometimes too complicated to do it likewise. I sometimes just have a certain idea in my head and it's so hard to leave it there! So: sorry for all people who are still waiting for me to make a new collection ( I will, I will soon!). Here are the Selfie and the Portrait of the 25th.

The photo looked kind of dull to me and not very attractive to do something with it. I know, one of those days... And then all of a sudden I knew it: I needed something on my head. A hat? A cap? A crown, a shawl? Or a tree? Wow, what about if I made a tree shaped hat? And so this selfie portrait is a lot more illustration and a lot less scrapbooking. I don't mind: I love to do both. That's why I'm an illustrator AND a scrapbook designer! Here's the result...


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