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Breakfast in America

Frankly, I didn't realize that more 15 day have passed by without blogging! I could say that I didn't want to do another selfie portrait, but that's not the point. I will go on with it soon. So the real reason for this delay is the way that I made my new collection: it was so intense, so fun to make and so... with my own colors, with my own thought and in my own style that I find that it was fantastic to do. Well, I hope it shows. Today it's in my shop. This is what I have to say about the topic. I always pick a topic that is more than just another flower, just another decorative style. I just cannot work that way. I have to stand for what I design. I did that with my Wow Mom collection, because I love my mother though she has already passed for over 12 years now. And also I am a food lover and I'm a breakfast lover. If you make yourself a good breakfast, you'll get the fuel to start your day with energy. I think it's important. Don't you?

Here a few layouts made by my new and wonderful CT. I will tell you about my new CT soon. I really will. They're fantastic, VERY creative and inventive and just sweet - and I will soon make a topic especially for them.

Made by Fenny

Made by Christine

Made by Karine

Made by Tineke

Made by Nina

Made by me

So here is the collection:

So here are the freebies you get with the Kit and the Bundle:

And here is the Newsletterfreebie, you only get when you have a subscription on my newsletter:

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