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The Global Talent Search

Since July the 29th I worked on the Global Talent Search. It's an amazing contest in which the best one will be represented for two years by the Lilla Rogers Studio. And more, because a lot of companies donate wonderful prices to the winner. It's the most wonderful carreer opportunity you could wish for as a designer. It would be a dream come true for me, but so this is for hundreds of other participants! Last year I also joined this famous contest in which people from famous international companies are in the jury. I was a semi-finalist and that on itself already made me feel so honored, because I was seen! People of companies that really have a huge influence in the world of design were seeing what I did, what I made, could meet my style.

Now this was the design I made in the first round of last year and I still have the feeling it's one of my babies. I still hope that it can be made at some time in the future :) I know that a lot of my friends would really like to have them. Being one of the 50 semi finalists made me realize that I COULD do it...

Since last contest in 2015, I worked hard to search for companies and even found a new scrapbook website to design for. I read a lot about licensing and how other designers 'did it'. Last January I even followed Make Art That Sells Home Décor, an e-course with Margo Tantau and Lilla Rogers. That was fantastic and it made me realize even better that everything should be perfect: shapes, sizes, colors, developing my own style. Margo revealed a lot of mysterious how-to's that I really didn't know. It was just the cherry on top of all those designer courses I already did.

I am totally fan of 'the Lilla Rogers approach'. She doesn't believe in being each others rivals or even sparring partners. No, she believes in helping each other and that everybody has their own strong points, styles, colors. She doesn't believe in envy and battle. I love that because I have always believed the same. I'd rather concentrate on my own skills.

So why does she have this yearly competition? That's because everybody would love to have a chance to get represented by her. She knows many many many great companies. She knows how companies look at your work and what they will buy. She knows what sells. Isn't that what a designer wants to know?

Here is the link if you want to know more about The Global Talent Search:

I feel this is not the moment yet to show you what I just sent in for this first round, but I certainly will. Later, when the submission deadline has passed. I can already tell you though about my fears to send this piece: I felt sure enough about the design. That wasn't the issue. It's just mine, my handwriting, my style, my colors, my quirky approach. My struggling point was... the background. I will definitely show you why. Sigh. It was a real struggle/battle/fight there. Details later!

Minor differences between styles of presentation can be such an issue sometimes. I finished the designing part of a cup and saucer ans well as a paper napkin a few days ago and though I came up with a zillion other ideas, I have forced myself to stick to my first idea. It's fun and it's magical and it has a story of which I think it's strong enough to stand out. There was only the one problem...

How would it stand out in the crowd? How would the presentation over all made that first attraction to make the jury not to overlook my piece...

I have a few partners in crime for this. One is one of my very very best friends, Carin who owns a wonderful tearoom in Hoorn, North-Holland in the Netherlands. It's awesome and the menu is really like you can get in England. With lots of great teas and the best scones with clotted cream, sandwiches and Welsh rarebit awwww, so yummie!

Here's the link to Carin's and husband Ruud's tearoom, which is always such an inspiration for me.

She has a collection of hundreds (300 to 400!) of tea pots the walls. It's really great there. Of course I told her immediately that I had to do this wonderful assignment. At least she likes what I made and sent in. And that means a lot to me!

Be back soon...


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