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A great challenge...

A few years ago I started to change a little from a traditional style scrapbook designer into a style that was more art journaling, more artsy, more my own style. With more painting, more hand drawn doodles and figures. And that's where I really felt that this was goign to be fun. When I started to do even more logbook and art journaling stuff it became obvious that this was my thing.

It wasn't very much, but it was so fun to do, so great to design these things that I am sure that this was what I needed. You know by now that my style has grown from that to an even more individual style. It's just me, but... I also try to find out what YOU as my customer want to see. This is one of the reasons that I like to host challenges.

There is a challenge now with this older kit that I made more than a year ago, "Crush". This is the collection. You can find it in my shop for just a few dollars. But if you don't know what I really make, now is your chance to try my stuff for absolutely nothing: I made a little mini freebie kit that you can download here

The full kit and the separate paper pack and element set are for sale: 30% off during the whole month!

You can find the challenge for September here: You can do whatever you want with or without the freebe as long as the topic is 'Crush'. Have fun!

The Prize: 3 winners get the Crush Kit or, if they already have it, a coupon for the same amount for my store.

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