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November has come...

I read all these tips about what to do to keep the cold and rainy weather from making you sick.

So... I decided that I can think of these things myself. Here are MY tips...

1. Drink green smoothies, 1 per day to build up your immune system

2. Wear warm clothes but don't overdo

3. Take a walk outside every day - preferrable at daytime to get enough daylight

4. Sport at least every other day

5. Avoid eating refined products

6. Put something on your feet even when you're inside and avoid cold feet

7. Wash your hands when you have shopped in the supermarket

8. Eat at last 2 pcs. of fruit and 200 grams of vegetables per day (green smoothie is already a start)

9. Drink black tea and eat whole wheat products

10. Go to bed before 11 at night

I think these things are just common sense, but in fact I skip half of it every day. Now what I am trying to do is making these rules into a routine. Starting tomorrow. You can see it here on my blog under 'Fall survival'. Oh, now I SO hop it works! :) :)

On this page are some Fall layouts by my CT and me.

By Fenny:

By Tineke:


By me:

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